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Academic Programs on the Holocaust in American Higher Education

Courses On Genocide for Bachelors

I would like to share some of the exciting opportunities for students interested in exploring the deep and critically important field of Holocaust and genocide studies in the United States. As someone who is passionate about this topic, I can attest that American colleges and universities offer a number of educational pathways to delve into this important field.

At many institutions of higher learning across the country, students have the opportunity not only to study Holocaust studies, but also to pursue specialized degrees or certificates in the field. These options allow students to tailor their education to their specific interests and career goals.

For those seeking a deeper understanding, there are undergraduate and graduate programs in Holocaust studies. These programs provide a comprehensive and in-depth study of the Holocaust, its historical context, and its far-reaching consequences. Students can expect to engage in critical discussions, in-depth research, and thought-provoking coursework as they embark on their academic journey.

If you truly aspire to become an expert in this field, Clark University is uniquely positioned to offer a doctoral program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. This prestigious program provides an opportunity to engage in groundbreaking research. The best essay writing services will help you contribute to academic discourse, and have a lasting impact on the field.

Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Universities in the Northeastern United States

Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Let me introduce you to some of the excellent Holocaust and genocide studies programs at universities in the northeastern United States. These programs are not only academically enriching but also contribute to our understanding of some of the darkest chapters in human history.

Drew University Center for Holocaust/Genocide Studies

Located in the charming town of Madison, New Jersey, Drew University is home to the Center for Holocaust/Genocide Studies. For undergraduate students, it offers a specialization in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. 

This is a great option for those studying Jewish studies, covering a wide range of topics related to the Holocaust, from its history and psychology to the experiences of its victims. They also delve into the broader European context surrounding the tragedy. In addition, Drew University offers a certificate program for future teachers that meets the New Jersey Department of Education’s requirements for teaching the Holocaust and genocide in middle and high schools.

Master’s Program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Kean University

Located in Union, New Jersey, Kean University boasts a master’s program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, housed in the Nathan Weiss Graduate College. What makes this program unique is that it places a strong emphasis on human rights and a broader understanding of genocides that go beyond the Holocaust. 

The Keene Institute for Human Rights offers valuable resources on other genocides, such as those in Darfur, Armenia, and Cambodia. The Holocaust Resource Center is a treasure trove of lectures by renowned scholars and activists. While this program is ideal for teachers, it also caters to the interests of people from a variety of fields, such as social work, psychology, criminal justice, law, public administration, and religion, offering a truly interdisciplinary approach.

Holocaust and Genocide Studies Programs at Keene State College

Located in Keene, New Hampshire, Keene State College is home to the Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, which offers a Bachelor of Arts degree and an Associate of Arts degree in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. These programs provide students with an in-depth understanding of the Holocaust and a broader understanding of the concept of genocide. The interdisciplinary approach means that you will study this tragic history through the lens of sociology, philosophy, psychology, literature, religious studies, women’s studies, and more.

These Northeastern institutions do not just impart knowledge; they help us remember and learn from the lessons of the past in order to build a more tolerant and compassionate future. Whether you’re a student with a thirst for knowledge or a teacher looking to enhance your curriculum, these programs offer an in-depth educational journey that will leave a lasting impact.

Holocaust, Genocide, and Peace Studies, Offered by Universities Across the United States

I’d like to share some of the exciting academic programs that delve into the thorny field of Holocaust, genocide, and peace studies offered by universities across the United States. These programs not only educate but also inspire future advocates for tolerance and peace.

University of Nevada, Reno: Holocaust, Genocide, and Peace Studies Program

At the University of Nevada, Reno, you have the opportunity to earn a master’s degree in Holocaust, Genocide, and Peace Studies. This program places a strong emphasis on a comprehensive study of the Holocaust from a variety of perspectives-historical, political, cultural, ethical, and more. The focus is on developing students’ critical thinking skills to assess the genesis and development of genocides, with the ultimate goal of preventing future atrocities. Both Holocaust studies programs at this university actively contribute to the promotion of peace and the fostering of a culture of tolerance and activism.

Richard Stockton College of New Jersey: BA and MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies

The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, located in Pomona, offers both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. These programs go beyond simply recounting the history and consequences of the Holocaust. They also delve into the role of citizens in democratic societies, encouraging students to think deeply about whether future genocides can be prevented. Importantly, these programs prepare future educators to fulfill the New Jersey Department of Education’s mandate that the Holocaust and genocide be taught in schools.

University of Texas at Dallas: Graduate Certificate in Holocaust Studies

If you are a graduate student at the University of Texas at Dallas, specifically the School of Arts and Humanities, the Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies offers a unique Certificate in Holocaust Studies. This certificate program immerses you in a diverse curriculum that includes courses on the history of the Holocaust, the various responses to the Holocaust, and the rich fabric of Jewish culture and issues of anti-Semitism. This is a fantastic opportunity to deepen your understanding of this critical chapter in history by exploring its broader cultural and historical context.

These academic offerings are not only about learning history, but also about shaping a better future. Whether you are motivated by a passion for history, a commitment to peace, or a desire to teach others, these programs provide a platform to explore these important subjects in depth.


Brandon Galarita is a freelance writer and K-12 educator in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is passionate about technology in education, college and career readiness and school improvement through data-driven practices.

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